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[ Professionalism ]

TAYA's sizing machine is the result of 40 years' accumulated experience in manufacturing technology and suggestions from machine design experts. Features of the machine are high precision, easy operation, reliability, and the advantage of being suitable for all kinds of requirements.

[ Technology ]

It is the sizing machine that combines best technology and parts from all over the world.

[ Innovation ]

Applicable for many yarn types and counts, high density 100% cotton as well as manmade fibers, providing global competitiveness in the weaving field.

Beam Creel

  • Suitable for producing high density fabrics.
  • The electric measuring mechanism executes rewinding tension. It regulates cylinder pressure through E/P transmitting system.
  • Equipped with low-friction air cylinder for precision control. Applicable for exclusive yarn types and fabrics.
  • Full pressure driven system on machine stop to prevent loose yarn.

Size Box

  • The special designed oval shape squeeze roller ensures pressing force is even.
  • The max pressing force of main roller is up to 40KN, and auxiliary roller is up to 30KN. Auto regulation system for main pressing roller, step-less linear control according to sizing speed to prevent light starching.
  • Equipped with high ratio E/P valve control. Ensures precision and stability.
  • The temperature of size level is measured by sensor. With the help of PID regulator, the temperature is automatically controlled and adjusted.

Drying Chamber

  • Pre-separates yarn drying before combination.
  • Pre-drying chamber and main chamber are driven by one motor. Thanks to PLC, the tension measuring system controls cylinder speed and elongation precisely.
  • Cylinder steam temperature is automatically regulated by PID, which connects to sensor and electric valve.
  • Oil bath type bearing design.
  • German made digital control moisture retention device with history recording function.

Yarn Dividing

  • The yarn dividing section is composed of one set of waxing devices, which includes wax-melting tank, yarn guiding roller, waxing roller, yarn dividing rods.
  • Equipped with stainless steel made yarn dividing device. An extra creel of pattern-picking is optional.


  • Touch display: The Man-Machinery-Interface (MMI) shows working condition in each part. Users can set and modify data from MMI monitor, which features record and memorization. Inter-network connection, remote control and maintenance function are optional.
  • The movement of yarn dividing reed reduces abrasion. The switch is controlled by motor for expansion, vertical and horizontal directions.
  • The marking device is connected to length setting and can be operated on MMI monitor.
  • The beam sliding seat is driven by motors on both sides. It can be aligned with signal side or synchronically. Equipped with safety interlocking device, applicable for many types of weaving beams.

Monitoring system

Headstock Control System

Electric Tension Control System

Motor Control Features

  • The machine is driven by inverters and motors. This controls defects associated with traditional machine control system. It saves energy up to 25%~32%.
  • Precise torque control and fixed tension control.
  • The 150% starting torque can overcome loose tension status.
  • The precise motor control balances the running speed and promotes stability of yarns. Thanks to digital control, the frequency of changing spare parts is reduced greatly.
  • PLC for main processing unit. Equipped with module design.
  • Tension control by precision feedback system to ensure tension stability.
  • Precision feedback control with section-less adjustment. The parameters can be set and indicated on the MMI control screen.
  • Overload system design, applicable for working 24 hours per day.