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The rapid growth in the special fabrics along with a more recent diversity in natural and artificial fibers, has further seen the complexity in weaving preparation. To serve this end, Taya Machinery Corporation endeavors to launch new models of innovation and collaboration to find the best fulfillment for users.

We have elaborated precision control parts and software technology to achieve  combination of Sectional Warping, Filament Sizing and Warp-Sizing Beams in one weaving unit.

When different tension is required to apply in various yarn kinds, the Beaming Machine will select suitable braking and driving system accordingly. By means of auto control, the uniform tension is obtained to guarantee take-up and unwinding stablility. The high performance Beamer is broadly applied in Spun, Cambric, Chemical-Fiber, PP, Glass-Fiber, Cross-Weaving…etc. Moreover, the diversities also serve in weaving preparation engineer such as Air-Jet, Water-Jet, Rapier and Shuttle Looms.


  • Easy Operation on MMI of Headstock, Memory Functions Equipped.
  • Motorized Sliding Seat in Horizontal Direction, Various Weaving Beam Applicable.
  • Beam Take-up with Inverter Motor, Stepless PIV or Servo Control Available.
  • Uniform Tension Across Beam.
  • Auto Unwinding Tension Control.
  • Replace Sectional Warping Machine by Working with Direct Warper.
  • Less Wearing Parts, Easy Maintenance, Simple Operation, Multiple Applications.


The machine can work with different brand of looms to meet the optimum tension requirements in weaving engineer.


There are slant and trench type beam creel for options which are designed according to numbers of spindles and warper beams.


  • By means of auto regulation of electronic control box, the beam keeps pace with take-up speed and achieves uniform tension from beam to beam.
  • Braking unit is available with tension control in electronmagnetic, powder, tensionfix & torquefix motor and pneumatic chain system.


Equipped with UPS braking system which activates electric brake to lock the yarns when sudden power failure occurs.