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The trend of denim world is created by its comfort and natural eurythmy. As the technology of textile improves, the demand of denim quality of human beings will also increase.

TAYA provides the best equipment in weaving preparation from yarns to beams. In slasher dyeing process, there is no color difference, looseness or shortening problems. It is broadly applied from coarse to fine yarn counts. As a result the advance and stability optimize weaving efficiency. Our innovative solutions achieve global competitive advantages for denim fabrics.

Machine Headstock

  • The adjustable large diameter headstock is applicable for various type of looms.
  • Equipped with stepless motor control software and system to ensure machine running stable.
  • The special design of synchronic speed controller provides easy operation.
  • The demountable cover brings convenient maintenance.
  • It is effective to monitor the quality of yarns thanks to Man-Machinery-Interface (MMI) digital control.
  • The user-friendly buttons and indicators enable operator to control the machine condition.

Yarn Dividing

  • One set of waxing device located in yarn dividing area. The layer of waxing is regulable according to machine speed.
  • The yarn dividing device is composed of several splitting rods which level is adjustable.
  • Both PLC and pneumatic yarn girp ensure yarn tension when machine stops.

Yarn Accumulator

  • The tension of accumulator is elevated according to various yarn kind to keep it stable.
  • Thanks to limit switch and accurate alarm, the quantity of storage is indicated distinctively.The large storage capacity provides sufficient beam changing time.
  • The smooth elevating mechanism and effective hydraulic circulation facilitate yarn tension.

Drying Cylinder for Sizing

  • Cylinders are driven by chains. They are controlled by software programming system which measures and feedback controls the elongation.
  • The steam casement can be opened for checking cylinder conditions at any time.
  • One set of PID temperature control is located in each cylinder area. The temperature is controlled on MMI monitor of headstock.
  • Digital temperature control features energy saving. .

Sizing Device

  • The size liquid circulation system prevents size spots effectively.
  • Stainless tank with double layer cozy for energy saving.
  • Equipped with auto size supply system and level indicator.
  • Wet splitting device is provided to smooth yarn fur. It works according to machine speed.
  • The individual double motor control effects tension adjustable system.

Drying Cylinder for Dyeing

  • This part is composed of 10 drying cylinder.
  • The cylinders are controlled by software programming system which measures and feedback controls the elongation.
  • Two set of auto temperature control which value is indicated on electric control cabinet.


  • Equipped with air-spring type yarn squeezing device with max. Pressure up to 9 ton.
  • Indirect spraying device provided to wash after-dyed yarns.
  • There are stainless guiding roller and wearable bearings inside tank to ensure running smoothly.


  • Located on top of dye tank and sulfur tank. Prevent shrinkage, diverge and overlap.
  • Equipped with precision potentiometer and auto tension regulation on each oxidation rack to perform the best elongation.
  • The oxidation is 4.8 times the length of dyebath, thus provide sufficient time in oxidation.


  • Special overflow design for dyestuff feeding ensures yarn chroma and color equal.
  • Stainless balancing tubes with circulation and spare pumping system to keep constant running.
  • Equipped with air-spring type yarn squeezing device with max. pressure up to 9 ton.
  • Washable filtering device provided to keep the impurities from flowing into dye tank.
  • There are stainless guiding roller and wearable bearings inside tank to ensure running smoothly.

Mercerizing [optional]

  • Additional pre-drying cylinders with the main function of mercerizing and leveling.
  • One set of temperature control system which includes sensor and pneumatic control valve.


  • The scouring tank is made of stainless steel with direct and indirect heating system. The temperature is fully automatic controlled.
  • The new design of air-spring type yarn squeezing device ensures yarn flatness and coincidence.
  • Two-way measuring circulation system provided.

Yarn Feeding Device

  • The yarn feeding device is driven by inverter motor which carried the yarn sheet into scouring tank.
  • By way of electric inspector, the tension is measured through the control networking system and executes the output on warp beam.
  • The pressure of the feeding device comes from air-spring which ensures pressing force even.

Electric Control Cabinet

  • The precision inverters and PLC integrated machine running and operation as a whole. It correlates with MMI of headstock by network monitoring system.
  • Electric control temperature indicator and alarm provided.
  • Certain tanks are selected for running according to desired yarn counts and colors.
  • The adoption of electronic units conforms to international certification.
  • One set of industrial air conditioner ensures inverters to be worked in the environment of constant temperature.


  • The bilateral brake control is connected with beam rewinding controlled to effect machine stability and automation.
  • One set of beam creel with yarn accumulator provided for option. This combination offers continuous dyeing, time and dyestuff saving.